Doctor of Doo-Wop Entertainment and Productions

Dr. Roman Franklin, a specialist in blood and cancer disorders, has a penchant for entertainment and music.

He has a local radio show known as the "Doctor of Doo-Wop" broadcasting locally, regionally and throughout the world on WPON AM 1460 in Detroit, MI. You can call the studio at 248-557-1460 and talk live with the Doctor of Doo-Wop and Benny.

Dr. Franklin is available for poker and blackjack lessons. Barred from several Las Vegas casinos, Dr. Franklin has honed his poker and blackjack skills all over the world. Let him teach you or a group how to play at your next party or event!

Through various contacts, the radio show, and his son in Los Angeles who is a Hollywood movie producer, Dr. Franklin has developed relationships with many entertainers and musicians. The growing list includes:

  • Martha Reeves
  • The Contours with Joe Billingsley
  • Duke Fakir with the Four Tops
  • Moose and Da Sharks
  • Richard Perez with the Nite Kings
  • Brenda Wilson, daughter of Jackie Wilson
  • Thelma Stubbs, sister of Levi Stubbs, and the Stubbs Girls
  • Billy Davis (with Mighty Mike), formerly with Hank Ballard and Jackie Wilson
  • The Reflections
  • Benny and the Jets
  • Dennis Charles with a tribute to Roy Orbison
  • Rock Harley with a tribute to Johnny Cash
  • Matt King with a tribute to Elvis Presley
  • Robert Carter with a tribute to Jackie Wilson
  • Abigale Rose
  • Steve Nardella
  • George Bedard
  • Sly, Slick and Wicked
  • "All In" - poker and golf tournaments featuring athletes and entertainers

    Dr. Franklin can present these performers to gated communities, casino theaters, private engagements, cruise lines and more.

    Email or call Dr. Franklin today to help plan your next event!